You may have heard of our Marshmallow Run game with Girl Scouts San Diego. If you wanted your child to join the fun but weren’t sure how because your child isn’t in Girl Scouts (or isn’t a girl!) we have great news – now you can!

Students will how to create a super-fun platformer game on the web and on Android and Apple devices. They will learn how to create their own adorable characters. These are a little different than the ones the Girl Scouts are using but the ideas are the same – students will get a solid foundation in sprite animation, learn great game physics, have fun, and let their imaginations run wild. Of course both girls and boys are welcome.

Students will also learn how to market their game, and we will be going over video production techniques as well as how to create effective social media posts.

These sessions will run concurrently with Girl Scouts San Diego Marshmallow Run sessions, and everyone will be able to learn from each other. There are two weeks of Cookie Bosses – the first week we cover Scratch – the second week, JavaScript.

DATE: July 16-20
TIME: 1-4pm
LEVEL: Beginner to Advanced
AGE: 7-17

Pair with Emojis, GIFs and Fonts in the morning for a full day camp.

Pair with Code Your Own Instagram in the morning for a full day camp.