Scratch Hackathon at Design/Code/Build

Starting with kid-friendly Scratch to reinforce high-level conceptual thinking about game programming and design, students will have all the tools necessary to create his or her own games to share online with their friends and the Scratch community. We will also explore JavaScript programming, and discover how playing around in Scratch has prepared students for being able to program in JavaScript and other programming languages. We will talk in depth about what makes a game fun, and learn how to make and use cool graphics and sounds to keep people interested in playing.

We will have challenges each session where students will be asked to iterate game features quickly. Students will also have the opportunity to work in depth on a project of their choice during the course. We will award prizes every session and have a Best Of awards ceremony at the end of the program.

Bring this program to your class, and transform the way your kids thinks about gaming!

LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced
TIME: (6) 2-hour weekly sessions
AGE: 10-17