Patrick Fitzpatrick, Scratch & Coding Hackathon Coach

Patrick grew up in a small farming community in Ireland and since a very young age has had a keen interest in electronics and computers. At age 15 he built (assembled and soldered components for) his first home computer from a kit. At age 16, he won the first National High-Schools Computer Programming competition, solving a complex mathematical problem using code.

Patrick went on to study Computer Engineering at the National University of Ireland, Limerick. The economic downturn in late ’80’s Ireland forced many young graduates to emigrate, and Patrick headed East to Japan, then the electronics mecca of the world. Patrick worked in research and design at Pioneer Electronics in Tokyo, where he gained a fantastic insight into Japanese work and social culture and also met his wife.

Since then, Patrick has worked in Vancouver, Canada; Silicon Valley, California; and sunny San Diego for companies like Pioneer Electronics, Sony Electronics, Tivo, DirecTv and GoPro. Patrick’s hobbies include, hiking, traveling, training German Shepherds and driving his car around race tracks. He has two children, a freshman daughter and junior son. Last year he coached the Science Olympiad High School teams that won First Place at San Diego Regionals and placed 5th at State Finals.