Catherine Eng is an award-winning digital designer and developer and a principal of the brand and development consultancy, touchGrove, with her husband Mark. She has designed and developed popular apps and websites for entertainment brands such as HBO, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Sony Music, Mattel, Tiger Beat Magazine, Next Model Management, and more.

She has also coached middle school Science Olympiad teams, and taught fine art and digital media to elementary school-aged children.

She studied at the Cooper Union of Art as a film and fine arts major and right out of school developed some of the very first websites on the internet. She learned quickly that you can’t design well unless you understand the tools that are available, and began learning to program along the way. Over the years she has learned programming by collaborating with some of the very best developers in the industry. She feels strongly about helping kids discover a method of learning programming and working that best suits their particular strengths and interests.

Having worked closely with teen girl entertainment properties for the last few years, she’s been interested in the argument that there are not enough opportunities for girls to learn to code. She sees a way she can contribute to the progress – by challenging girls as well as boys to envision and create the things that they would want to use. She created these camp courses as ways for both girls & boys to feel empowered to learn to understand the technologies that they use on a daily basis, and to feel they can choose the frame of reference from which they will start their programming adventure.