How To Build An Image Sharing Website

Spending all your time on Instagram? Read on!

In this one-of-a-kind course, students will learn how Instagram works, and learn how to code their very own hosted version for the web. Students will learn how to use Javascript, HTML/PHP, and CSS to create their site for mobile and desktop browsers that they can invite friends to contribute to and to browse. They will learn how to code an image upload form; how to code custom image filters (and of course how to give them cool names like the ones on Instagram!) and how to code a photo gallery. They will also learn about some of the server technology behind file upload and sharing. This is a great way for students to understand some of the technology behind a popular app like instagram. This course is not offered anywhere else, and space is very limited, so sign up early! All students receive free website hosting at forever.

FAQ for parents who already know a thing or two about programming »

“My child spends way too much time on social media as it is. How will this course help?” »
“My child has never programmed before. Is this course right for her (or him)?” »
“What code libraries are you using for this project?” »
“How much will they actually remember?” »

DATES: July 6-10
LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced
TIME: 12:30-3:30pm
AGE: 10-17
COST: $325