The Design Code Build Girl Scout Badge Program

We are thrilled to offer a special program series to San Diego Girl Scouts this academic year, 2016-2017.

The programs include:

Marshmallow Run Your troop can participate in the making of a game based on the Girl Scout S’mores cookie that will appear on Scratch, the web, Google Play, and the iOS App Store. Register now »

Make a Girl Scout Cookie Game A comprehensive workshop series to learn the fundamentals of game design and programming in Scratch.

Coding Bootcamp: Hands-on workshops for middle-school and high school scouts to learn HTML/JavaScript/CSS/PHP and server technologies

Design and Technology: An Architecture Workshop

Computational Origami: Paper-Folding, Math, and Coding

Product Design: How Are Your Sneakers Made?

Fonts, GIFS, and Emojis: Design Meets Code

Create Your Own Photo Filter Web App

“Netiquette” and Languages: Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server, Learning Foreign Languages and Coding Skills

It was wonderful to meet so many amazing Girl Scout leaders at the VCC and bridging ceremonies, and we look forward to meeting your troops. Please contact us directly with any particular date / logistical requests for the above programs, or just to say hello!