Posted  on Jul 12, 2015  in News

What an amazing week of coding! The students made their amazing first-ever websites and learned some nifty CSS and JavaScript tricks. Their websites will be hosted at for as long as they wish with 500MB of storage space each and will have a link to the, for targeted real views.

In between coding classes san diego we took breaks and walked to the library to play ‘giant chess’, Scrabble, and just to run around.

We even had a surprise visit from Leesa Coble, editor of Tiger Beat! Future coding crew for the Tiger Beat website? Maybe! 🙂

Working hard on new websites.

Working hard on new websites.

Design/Code/Build: Stylesheet Scavenger Hunts

Stylesheet Scavenger Hunts… Wait… is that YouTube? Or Netflix?!

"Hacking" the stylesheets of famous websites

“Hacking” the stylesheets of famous websites

Giant Chess Break

Giant Chess Break

A Visit from Tiger Beat's Leesa Coble!

A Visit from Tiger Beat’s Leesa Coble!

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